My journey to Simply Live Life started two years ago. At that time, I was returning from maternity leave to a new position at work – with a great company that I had been with since shortly after college. It was OK, but this new position was not as fulfilling for me personally or professionally as the previous ones. I felt like I was now just going through the motions at work. It was OK for a while, I was doing just enough to still have strong support from my boss and team. But I knew in my heart this could not last – I no longer had the same passion. And I knew my quality of work would start to suffer at some point.

At the same time, I started to become more anxious about how I would keep juggling this job situation with my family life, two kids who are each growing quickly and getting busier, the long daily commute to the office, and my husband’s new position at work which required more travel. For a while, I kept ignoring the pit in my stomach as I headed out the door each morning.

What to do? I didn’t think I could just walk away from a professional career and company that most anyone would envy. And to get back to a the career path that I was so passionate about, there weren’t a lot of good or easy options anyway.

Finally last summer, after really listening and internalizing a particularly good sermon at church, I knew I had to trust my instinct no matter how difficult the path seemed. With just a rough plan in place, I quit my comfortable, well-paid, but fast-paced job to slow down and take a deep breath.

That was the official start to an unknown journey as a hopeful entrepreneur. I took this leap of faith…just in time to walk with my daughter to meet her school bus to kindergarten each morning. A walk together that is much more meaningful – for each of us – than driving her to an early morning before school care program.

Jess and Noella enjoying some time together.

Where will this path take me? I truly do not know. But I believe that if I keep listening to my inner voice it will all work out the way it is intended.

Thanks for joining along with me as I document my journey to Simply Live Life!


Want to know more about my new day job? Check me out at Designed for Baby.

P.S.  Please, drop me a comment! I would love to hear about your journey too. What are you doing today that is scary and exciting at the same time?


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